Charles Clough, Flipper, 1980.

Both Galleries

  • Cravens World: The Human Aesthetic

    Opening Reception Mar 28 2010 1 PM - 5 PM

    Annette Cravens, MSW ’68, of Buffalo, New York, has donated her multimillion dollar collection of archaeological and ethnographic objects—dating as far back as 4,500 BC- to the University at Buffalo College of Arts and Sciences. The collection has been curated into a world-class permanent installation, … more
  • On the Road and In the Book

    Opening Reception Apr 26 2014 6 PM - 8 PM

    This exhibition features works of art and archival material from the University at Buffalo’s collection that have travelled around the world and back again or been photographed for significant publications.  “The mission of the UB Anderson Gallery, the University at Buffalo’s museum, is … more
  • Ancestral Clay

    Pueblo Ceramics from the Cravens World

    Opening Reception Apr 26 2014 6 PM - 8 PM

    Pueblo pottery is one of the oldest artisanal traditions in the Americas, representing a continuous transmission of cultural attributes from prehistoric to the modern period. Its exquisite aesthetic characteristics are matchless. One of the strengths of the Pueblo tradition is the ability of more recent artisans to … more
  • Calculated Abstractions

    Hard-Edge Prints

    Opening Reception Apr 26 2014 6 PM - 8 PM

    Explores how artists use clean edges to produce precise geometry as a means to challenge how viewers perceive foreground, background, and the space constructed around them. Each artist demonstrates how different techniques result in similar outcomes while simultaneously attempting to eliminate traces of the … more