Geometric Sunshine
Kate Wilson, Geometric Sunshine, 2007. Exhibited at UB Art Gallery.

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  • Request for Proposals - Re:res: Contemporary Interpretations of Cravens World Collection

    Special Project

    The Cravens World collection is an astonishing amalgam of archaeological and ethnographic objects spanning the globe and dating as far back as 4,500 BC. Donated to the UB Art Galleries by Annette Cravens, in 2010, the collection consists of nearly 1,100 objects, artworks, archives of written documents, oral histories … more
  • Sewing Days with Amanda Browder

    Special Project

    In collaboration with local community members, Browder will use recycled and donated fabric to create large-scale art piece that will be installed on the UB Anderson Gallery from September 11-14th. It will then relocate to the UB Art Gallery at the CFA as part of the group exhibition Splitting Light.  Please … more